Salona Exploration LLC
pursuing oil & gas in unison with social and environmental responsibility

Salona Exploration LLC is a small oil and gas exploration company dedicated to carrying out exploration and development programs in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Salona Exploration is currently evaluating prospects in central Pennsylvania and western Vermont.

Oil and gas exploration and development are generally carried out with little regard to either the social or natural environment, with both being sacrificed in the name of profits. Salona Exploration believes that the trade-off of profits vs. the social and natural environment is a false dichotomy.

Salona Exploration attempts to maximize the benefits of the subsurface oil and gas deposits to the landowners who are the primary owners of this resource that society needs so desperately. Thus, Salona Exploration offers much higher royalty rates to these landowners than other companies. Salona also works closely with local government to minimize the impacts on the surrounding community.

Salona Exploration believes that drilling practices required in sensitive environmental areas can be applied to normal drilling operations without compromising economic viability of the oil and gas resoures. Among these are the containment of all drilling fluids on site so that soils are not contaminated by these fluids. In addition, most roads, drilling pads, and associated structures can be built with minimal environmental impact and in such a manner that those not needed after the drilling can be removed, returning most of the land to its pre-drilling condition.

Paul Washington, president of Salona Exploration LLC, is a structural geologist with many decades studying the structure of western Vermont and central Pennsylvania. He has degrees in Geology from Allegheny College (B.S.), SUNY Albany (M.S.), and the University of Connecticut (Ph.D.), spent twenty years teaching college (both undergraduate and graduate), spent nearly a decade working in the environmental industry, and has authored more than 50 scientific articles on a wide variety of geologic issues.

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