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Salona Exploration LLC is currently leasing land around specific prospects in the central and southern Champlain valley. These prospects have been identified based on favorable geologic features and the presence of natural gas seeps and occurrences of natural gas and even crude oil in water wells.

The Champlain Valley is a multiply deformed carbonate shelf of Cambrian and Ordovician age. The area experienced compressive deformation (folding and thrust faulting)in mid and latest Ordovician time, extensional deformation (normal faulting) in late Silurian time, another phase of compressive deformation in late Devonian time, another phase of extensional deformation in early Mesozoic time, a minor phase of extensional deformation in late Mesozoic time, a minor phase of compressional deformation in early Neogene time that produced much of the modern mountain topographic relief of the Green Mountains, and a active period of transtension that is creating the modern topography in the Champlain Valley. Although much of the exposed rock has experienced low levels of metamorphism, primarily during the Devonian deformation, making it unlikely to produce oil and/or gas, much of the underlying rock escaped much of this effect and is still potentially productive. The primary source rocks for any petroleum is the late Ordovician shales that are roughly equivalent to the Utica shales of central New York.

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